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Hold Your Head Up High - 01/19/2022

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Black top folding card blank (8 1/4 x 5 3/4")

White card (7 1/4 x 5")

Black card (7 x 5")

Stamps and dies from Blossom Vine Stamp And Die Collection

Stamp from Textured Wall Stamp Collection

Versamark sticky ink pad

Anti static bag

Heat gun

Gold embossing powder

Izink Pigment: Avalanche

Izink Shiny Spray: Bleu Ciel, Vert D'Eau, Vert Anis

Izink Dye Spray: Cassis Violet, Goldmine

Izink Embossing ink Pad: Metal Gold

Water spray bottle

Paint brush

Eureka 101

Paper Trimmer

Perfect Together Glue

Die Cutting machine


How To Guide - Step 1

Spray the Izink Bleu Ciel on to a craft or glass mat.

Spritz with water and smoosh the white card (7 1/4 x 5"), in to the ink. 

Repeat with the Izink Vert D'Eau spray, and dry off your background. 

How To Guide - Step 2

Ink up the stamp from the Textured Wall Collection, with the Izink Goldmine Embossing ink pad. 

Randomly stamp areas of the wall on to your background, until you are happy with the effect. 

Set to one side to allow to dry, or speed it up with a heat gun, as the Embossing ink is very slow drying. 

How To Guide - Step 3

Lay the plate from the Blossom Vine Stamp And Die Collection, on to the black card, and run it through your die cutting machine. 

How To Guide - Step 4

Wipe over the die cut frame with an anti static bag.

Ink up the coordinating stamp with the Versamark sticky ink, and stamp in place, on your die cut frame.

Apply the gold embossing powder over the stamped image. 

Heat up your gun for a few seconds, then once hot, heat set the powder, moving the heat gun as soon as the powder turns, to minimise warping your card.  

How To Guide - Step 5

Apply the Izink Avalanche Pigment on to your craft mat, add a little water and paint your embossed image. As the card is so dark, painting with white first will act as a base, allowing other colours to show up more clearly. 

Allow to dry before proceeding to the next step. 

How To Guide - Step 6

Spray the Izink Bleu Ciel, Cassis Violet, Vert D'Eau and Vert Anis on to your craft mat.

Add water and paint your embossed image. You can dry in between layers, until you achieve the required depth of colour. 

How To Guide - Step 7

Spray the Izink Goldmine on to your craft mat, add some water and add splats to your artwork, as desired. I love lots of splats!!

How To Guide - Step 8

Wipe over the square panel in the centre of your frame, with the anti static bag.

Ink up the sentiment stamp, from the same set, with the Versamark, and stamp it in the centre of the panel.

Apply the gold embossing powder over your stamped sentiment, and heat set, as before. 

How To Guide - Step 9

Glue your embossed frame on to the inked background, you made earlier. 

How To Guide - Step 10

Adhere this on to your top folding, black card blank.

To finish, use a white gel pen to add accents and highlights to your artwork, where required.