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Fashion! - 01/11/2022

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Black top folding card blank (8 1/4 x 5 3/4")

White card (8 x 5 1/2")

Stamps from Imala Fashion

Stamps from Imala Rose Ornament

Stamps from Be Yourself Lamination Stamp Collection

Vellum (tear to approx 8 1/2 x 2 1/2")

Versafine Ink Pad: Onyx Black

Versmark sticky ink pad

Anti static bag

Heat gun

White embossing powder

Watercolour paint palette

Clear adhesive gems

White gel pen

Pearlywinks Glitter Pearl Mist 

Paint brush

Eureka 101

Paper Trimmer

Perfect Together Glue

Double sided tape


How To Guide - Step 1

Ink up the beautiful lady, from the Imala Fashion stamp set, with the Onyx Black Versafine. 

Stamp to the right hand side of the white cardstock. 

How To Guide - Step 2

Ink up the floral stamp from the Imala Rose Ornament stamp set, with the Versafine. 

Stamp off the left hand edge of your card. 

How To Guide - Step 3

Paint your images using your watercolour paints. 

How To Guide - Step 4

Use your white gel pen to add accents and highlights to your images, once the paint has completely dried. 

Set to one side. 

How To Guide - Step 5

Wipe over your torn vellum strip with the anti static bag, to remove any moisture or fingerprints. 

Ink up the sentiment stamp, from the Be Yoursef Lamination Stamp Collection, with the Versmark sticky ink.

Stamp on to the bottom of your vellum strip. (You may want to place your vellum strip over your artwork first, to decide where you want to stamp the sentiment). 

Apply the white embossing powder over your stamped sentiment, then heat set with your heat gun. Make sure you heat the gun up first, until its hot, before moving it over the vellum, and as soon as the powder starts to turn move your gun quickly. This will help to avoid the vellum warping or burning. 

How To Guide - Step 6

Place your vellum in position over your stamped artwork, securing the ends on the reverse of the card, with double sided tape. 

How To Guide - Step 7

Adhere your artwork on to the front of your black top folding card blank. 

How To Guide - Step 8

To finish, adhere clear, adhesive gems, where required.