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Treat Yourself - 04/30/2024

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White card blank 5 x 7"

IMALA Essential Frames Stencil Pack

IMALA Stay Classy A5 Stamp 

SBM Hybrid Ink Pad: Midnight

SBM Dye Ink Pad: Indigo

Blending brush

Paint brush

IMALA white gel pen

Eureka 101 Watercolour Tablet

SBM A3 Magnetic glass mat



How To Guide - Step 1

Place the IMALA rectangle stencil measuring 5 1/4 x 3 1/2", in the centre of your white 5 x 7 card blank. 

How To Guide - Step 2

Use your blending brush to apply the Indigo within the panel. Start in the top left corner, fading the colour out as you move towards the bottom right corner. 

How To Guide - Step 3

Stamp our classy lady in Midnight, coming up from the bottom right of your stencilled card. 

How To Guide - Step 4

Wet a paint brush and paint in areas of her hair. Wait a few seconds for the water to activate the ink and then "lift" the colour out with a paper towel. This is referred to as the "faux bleaching" technique. 

How To Guide - Step 5

Once the ink is dry go in with your white gel pen and add accents and highlights to your stamped image. 

How To Guide - Step 6

Lay the stencil frame back over your stencilled frame and draw around the edge using a black fine line pen. 

How To Guide - Step 7

Remove stencil and add a few zig zags to decorate the frame. 

How To Guide - Step 8

To finish, stamp your sentiment in Midnight, in the bottom left corner of your card.