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Enjoy This Day - 05/02/2023

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Kraft card blank 7 x 5"

White card 6 1/4 x 4 1/4"

Friend Like You Lamination Stamp Collection

Dot Frame Stamp Collection

All Surfaces 8 x 8" Paper Pad: Copper

SBM Hybrid Ink Pad: Midnight

SBM No-Line Ink Pad

SBM Premium Dye Ink Pad: Sherbet, Bittersweet, Hedgerow

Water spray bottle

Paint brush

Eureka 101 Watercolour Tablet

SBM Magnetic glass mat

Paper Trimmer

Perfect Together Glue 



How To Guide - Step 1

Ink up the solid stamp from Friend Like You, with the no-line ink pad and stamp centrally on to the white card. 

How To Guide - Step 2

Ink the stems and foliage of the same stamp with Hedgerow, spritz the stamp with water and stamp slightly to the right of the first image. This will create the illusion of a drop shadow and give your artwork dimension and perspective.  

How To Guide - Step 3

Wipe the stamp then ink up the flower heads with the Sherbet and Bittersweet, spritz with water and stamp. You can stamp one colour at a time but, depending on the colours I'm using, I like to do both together, so they bleed in to each other, giving a beautiful, loose watercolour effect. 

Dry the ink thoroughly. 

How To Guide - Step 4

Use the Midnight Hybrid to ink the detailed stamp, from the same set and stamp over the coloured image. These are loose, lamination designs so they do not line up perfectly. 

How To Guide - Step 5

Apply the Midnight to your glass mat, add water and use a paint brush to splatter over your artwork. I love lots of splats but the choice is yours.  

How To Guide - Step 6

Remove the 2nd biggest frame, from the Dot Frame Stamp collection and ink with Midnight. Hovering it over your stamped image, wipe off the ink from any areas of the frame that would stamp on to the floral image, then stamp the frame in place.   

How To Guide - Step 7

Ink the sentiment stamp with Midnight and stamp to the top left of your artwork. 

Set to one side to dry. 

How To Guide - Step 8

Remove this decorative sheet from the Copper All Surfaces Paper Pack and trim to 6 1/2 x 4 1/2". 

How To Guide - Step 9

Adhere your artwork on to the decorative paper and finally, on to your kraft card blank.